Payment Terms
Payment is due at time services are rendered. Set-up fees, if any, will be invoiced will be invoiced by the first day of the contract period. Maintenance fees, if any, will be invoiced on the 5th of every month. Payment is due within ten (10) days from date of invoice receipt. 
Please make check payable to
130 North Main Street
Newport, NH 03773 

Registration Payment
Computer Comfort Inc/Comfort Signups offers two payment options: 

  1. Monthly payment: Computer Comfort Inc will send a payment to the event once a month when online payments exceed $250. Final payment will be made fifteen days after the event. 

  2. Single payment: one payment in-full, fifteen days after the event.

Payments to be sent via U.S Postal Service unless otherwise requested.
Fees for delivery of payments other than U.S. Postal Service will be deducted.

Participant Refunds
Services are rendered at the time of registration; there are no refunds, and registration is non-transferable.

Participant Charge Backs (canceling credit card payment)
A charge of $20.00, payable by the "Event", is required for any participant that cancels the credit card payment. If Charge Back is made during the registration period, the fee will be deducted from the next payment.  If Charge Back occurs after the registration period, the event will be invoiced for the fees.  

Event registration is accepted and published entirely on the consideration that the advertiser and/or agency will indemnify and save Computer Comfort Inc harmless from and against any claims or suits based upon any aspect of the event, or content of the advertisement.